Welcome to Wild Cyclamen.

This is not so much a small business , rather it is a tiny wee one.

I am neither a horticulturist or a florist , so it is more of a "because I can " sort of project and very much because I just love flowers .

                                        My lovely Mum had always wanted to be a  Land Girl , but missed out as she was too young                                              by a year . She would also have loved to have studied Horticulture , but unfortunately , this                                    too was out of reach in those days and she studied medicine instead. Once retired , her 

                                     flowers  became her passion and she created the most beautiful garden at our family home

in North Yorkshire.  


                                    After Mum passed away a few years ago , I decided to return to North Cornwall where I had

                                        lived  previously .  I had inherited Mum's love of gardening and had this crazy notion to grow                                      flowers for cutting and selling .  The more I thought about it , the more the ideas started to

                               flow and I started researching if it were possible. I spoke with the wonderful  team from

                              Flowers from the Farm , a network and support group for  British flower growers.

                They encouraged me to take it seriously and the plan started to hatch!


                               SO....moving on 12 months and there I was with a hired van full to the brim of Mum's garden  Literally , full .

                                    My friend and I had had to swing and lean on the doors to get them to shut ! Well, there was no                                       way I was leaving it all behind as it held  my very happy family memories and it was  Mum and                                        Dad's pride and joy. We arrived in Cornwall safely with all my lovely plants in one piece, but I                                         still had not found anywhere to  live  and so my  "garden" and I , plus Pebble the dog, spent another 12 months "camping" .

                          Finally in  April 2020, I moved in to my new home  . This it it !! All the photographs you see are of the  flowers I have grown ,so you can get an idea of what is available. 


I really hope I can pass on the joy and beauty that flowers can bring .

I look forward to hearing from you .