Flowers and Foliage 


For every occasion.... Jam jars full to the brim of Primroses and Snowdrops,   

Flowers and foliage foraged from my hedgerow for a country wedding , beautiful vases full of Sunflowers  or a stunning bowl of Roses?


Flowers can say so much :

"Just Because"

"Love you to the moon and back"

"For a Frazzled Friend"


"Catch the Breeze"

"Sand in "your shoes"

"Have a beautiful day"



What can I expect ?

                           My Flowers and Foliage come to you with no air miles attached and have been grown                            with just gentle Cornish rain , good soil and the warmth of the sun. 

The photos you see are the flowers I have grown. 

    Picked once the sun has moved off them in the evening or before the dawn , depending on the

weather. They  will  be conditioned by  standing  in cool water in my garden shed .

I will then pop them all into buckets so that you can choose exactly what you would like .

If you would like a more formal arrangement , my Flowers from the Farm colleague in Bude is not

only a grower , but also a florist, so she will be able to help. (


Care of your bouquets and posies : The flowers and foliage stems are  unlike supermarket

flowers in that they have not been forced or treated in any way to last longer in the vase ,

So , there are a few things you can do to make them last longer  naturally.

They will need cool , not cold water ( rain water is ideal) and if you keep them out of hot direct

sunlight  and away from radiators it helps. 

St Gennys Church. 2jpg.jpg

   How do I buy them ? :

As I write this we are emerging like butterflies out of our  Covid 19 Lockdown cocoons . Who knows what happens next ? 

I will be selling from my garden  in Rosecare and at my plot in Jacobstow .

 I am also at Bodmin Nursery Farmer's Market once a month.

For a small  extra charge, I can deliver  to your doorstep if that is easier.

If you would like a regular order please just let me know . 

I have big plastic buckets , upcycled jam jars and vases that you can use to carry your flowers home in and then return  for a refill....( my vase library)



Range from cheap and cheerful jam jar flowers at £4.00


£40 Buckets of flowers for DIY Weddings and Special Occasions

and all prices in between. 

Please call me for this week's available flowers and prices. 

07770 838 472